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How to make shoutbox (shoutmix)

Written by Hunnybunny on 05.43

ShoutBox (ShoutMix) is a box that serves to send short messages to the chat (chat) or commonly called the guest book. Shoutbox own benefit so much that we can promote a blog, loh kok bisa iya dong! sometimes the owner of the blog is providing this box is going to monitor whether there are new comments in the shoutbox if any of his comments and said only reprimanded and greeting, then the owner usually will respond to blogs to visit our blog. Without a long straight to the way it ShoutBox / ShoutMix this.
The trick is as follows:

1. Shoutmix Open site in your browser.
2. After that you are in the compulsory register on the site first by clicking the Create Shoutbox writing, how easy kok list.
3. Then came the obligatory registration form on the contents.
4. After successful registration you are asked to select the type provided shoutbox, its up to you how. Click the Continue button.
5. After that click the link Go to My Control Panel Now. Setting up there you can advance your shoutbox, for example, Style & Color, Date & Time, and others.
6. When it is finished click Get Codes menu.
7. If you want to put shoutbox on the blog you select "Place Shoutbox on Webpage".
8. Adjust the width and height in the column shoutbox and height according widht reply you want.
9. Then Copy the code in the box generated codes.
10. Log in to and select Layout then Add Page Elements Element Add HTML / Javascript.
11. Paste your code has been copied from the box "Content" and paste the HTML / Javascript and save it.

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