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How Do U See Hidden Files/folder, Using DOS

Written by Hunnybunny on 01.16

Have you ever felt lost files / folders in your hard disk or flashdisk?
Try it checks the drive properties used kok his memory is still intact or full.
His suspicious files hidden by a virus I have tried to show hidden files from Tools & Folder Options & View & Show Hidden Files and Folders ...
But how is not there too ..?
When quizzed by quizzed found that file in the super-hidden.
Here's how to display the returned files / folders in the hidden by using the DOS (Denial Of Service) his command are:

1. Select the Drive that will be the unHidden eg Flashdisk or Drive E:
2. Run > ketik "cmd", tanpa tanda kutip.">Open Command Prompt by clicking Start> Run> type "cmd", without quotes.
Run > ketik "cmd", tanpa tanda kutip.">3. Going to Drive E: and type E: to change the default drives him is drive C:
4. Type the command: attrib E: \ *.* -s-h / S /, kalo failed trying to do a folder / file, replace the *.* with the name of the folder / file you want.
5. Completed and the files / folders in the hidden by the virus had been returned.
6. For more details about this attrib option, type attrib.exe /? at the command prompt.

Or you can use simple tip from me

at command prompt just type
dir /ah
if the list is too long u can use
dir /ah/p/w

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