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How to overcome premature ejaculation

Written by Hunnybunny on 01.22

Premature ejaculation, There are several ways that can be done to overcome premature ejaculation. First, the sex therapy. Second, using drugs to control ejaculation. Third, with nerve surgery. The first and second lot done and give good results. But the third way, although never done in a particular country, until now it was not popular and not widely used.

Sex therapy, which is done to control ejaculation with the help of his wife. Basically the way this is done through several steps.

The first step, the wife of the husband masturbate who suffer premature ejaculation with the husband's position lying on your back, until the husband feels like orgasm and ejaculation.

The second step, when the husband feels like to orgasm and ejaculation, the wife did the penis with an emphasis on using your thumb, forefinger and middle finger, for a few seconds to prevent the occurrence of ejaculation.

Step three, wife to husband masturbates until there is sufficient erection, and then immediately put into the vagina of the wife's position at the top without making any movement. When her husband was going to ejaculate, the wife immediately raised himself and make emphasis on the penis as the second step. Further stimulation with repeated masturbation, and continued with the sexual relationship as above.

The fourth step, conducted after several days of exercises above. In this step, the husband allowed to do under pressure to maintain the erection during sexual intercourse with the wife's position at the top.

Step five, do when her husband was better able to control ejaculation. In this step the couple can have intercourse with the side position. If this position be able to hold ejaculation husband, then sex can be done in the husband's position at the top.

The exercise is expected to remain to be done for 6-12 months after that, and whenever needed. But this way is not always easy to do for several reasons. First, the closure of the man to his wife. Second, the lack of communication and cooperation husband and wife in sexual problems. Third, feeling reluctant or lazy to do exercise because they have to waste time and are considered impractical.

Premature ejaculation treatment options is to use a useful drug to control Untk ejaculation. There are several types of drugs that can control ejaculation. But because these drugs have side effects, so its use should be under medical supervision.

Another treatment is the way of operations against the nerve that controls the occurrence of ejaculation.

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