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What is Aromatherapy

Written by Hunnybunny on 07.25

What is Aromatherapy?
The Aromatherapy is the science of with smelling ethereal oils of trees and plants, herbs, in order to improve the health of humans and its beauty. The field of the aromatherapy is to become famous because humans in the search for a better solution to new day new diseases than alternative system of the medicine which can be existed in allopathischen, ayurvedische etc. it is science and art, with herbs and ethereal oils of trees and plants use make of their medical importance. Thearomatherapy is a practical, safe and economical instrument to the better health. With this method by the ethereal oils out of natural aromatic plants will take and to herbs is in cut up form be used, around the health of humans and also for the emotional well-being improve the person.

Does the concept become not ago?
Early Egyptians used these herbs and ethereal oils, in order to clean their body for the life after death in Pharaonen. French chemist Rene Maurice is credited with the origin of the term aromatherapy. The history of the aromatherapy period begins with it. It was inadvertently this term in the life called. History the beginning this term aromatherapy is described in the following lines: During in the year 1920 he worked in his laboratory burned it his hand and then on freeing of these strong pain fell he his arm in Lavender that the substance was only cold around him at that time to receive. This measure healed its hand fast and here brought a new science. This French chemist still dedicated its life in the research to the welfare strength of natural ethereal oils and medical values of herbs.

What are applications of the aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is far common in the treatment to be used. It is a appreciative system of the treatment in many countries. Some applications of the aromatherapy are as follows: There can be immediate alleviation of pain, as soon as or burned part of a person body wounds cold brought in contact of herbs and ethereal oils. Products such as Lavender will recover used, in order to treat burns, while uses smells, around a person, from fear and depression to. Ethereal oils are highly concentrated excerpts of plants, which can do one hundred times more strongly than the plant and very efficiently in the treatment are used.

Many kinds of ethereal oils are only used for the smell. Example: The smell of Eukalyptus plant is used, around freeing of the problems such as breast tightness to offer. Many ethereal oils are admit for their anti-mushroom, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory property. Tea tree oil is used, around of lichens and mushroom infections to recover etc.

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  2. By medic / scribbler on 24 Januari 2010 19.56

    I usually use lavender essential oil for insomnia. It really works!

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