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Benefits of Honey for Health and Beauty

Written by Hunnybunny on 03.45

For Health
1. Honey in the concentration of 30% to 50% function much better than antibiotics.
2. Thick honey stop the growth of bacteria and Candida alb.
3. Honey can heal wounds infected after surgery, ulcers, drugs for treatment of cancer patients post surgery vulva, stitches and skin transplantation.
4. Honey shorten the life of bacterial diarrhea in infants.
5. Honey stop the growth of pathogenic organisms in patients with urinary tract infections.
6. Honey is antibacterial because natural acidity and hydrogen peroxide are produced.
7. Honey good for the eyes and vision.
Reducing the effects of poison.

8. Honey is useful for urinary tract infections.
9. Honey overcome dizziness.
10. Honey is directly taken from the nest can increase body weight., And is a mild laxative.
Long stored honey helps the body metabolism.
11. Honey can preserve food. Cakes by using honey instead of sugar will be longer fresh because it contains a natural antibiotic.
12. Honey overcome respiratory problems, especially to expel phlegm or fluids that clog airways.
13. Honey is believed to be generating aprodisiak or sexual arousal.
14. Honey is a mild disinfectant, so that they can heal sore throats. This sweet liquid can also increase the production of saliva or salivary fluid that can help overcome a dry throat or irritated.
15. The opera singers use honey to maintain the condition of their throat so he could sing with excellent sound quality.
16. One tablespoon of honey can supply as many as 64 calories of energy.
17. All natural honey to treat wounds because of blisters or burning.
18. Honey can cure a cold.
19. Constipation can be overcome with honey.
20. Ulcer patients, is safe to consume honey.
21. Honey can heal burns, skin exposed to splash hot oil, hot water or exhaust motors.
22. Regular consumption of honey strengthens the white blood cells to fight bacteria and diseases caused by viruses.

For Children

1. Honey is applied to the baby's gums is a sedative and anesthesia are safe for the baby teeth during growth.
2. Honey good for children because it serves as a disinfectant, improve blood composition, increasing hemoglobin levels and increase appetite.
3. Honey which is a sedative (sedative) allows you to overcome bedwetting in children, in addition to making sleep more soundly.
4. Honey is useful for treating intestinal worms.
5. Honey to treat coughs, colds and fever in children

For Beauty
1. Honey is an antioxidant that can improve the beauty of the skin, softening and making young.
2. Honey softens the lips, moisturize and prevent dry lips or chapped.
3. Honey can eliminate acne.
4. Honey stain and a black mole on the face and prevent wrinkles.
5. Add honey hair fertility.

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  2. By Rendy-Ramon on 2 Desember 2009 23.12

    honey is delicious n more used for health
    thanx for info..

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