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Six Point Stimulation shocking women

Written by Hunnybunny on 01.29

Did you start off with the couple as style began sweeping passion? Try some new points below to burn your passion with your partner just before having sex!

Adequate heating can make the "special" so you feel special. Besides heating, the knowledge of the six-point stimulation (sexy spot) just below can be more exciting you and your partner.

1. Sacrum (in women)

Why the passion that point?
Reason: "The sacrum is a small area around the spine, precisely in the buttocks, which has a sensitive nerve that is connected with the genitals," says Mark Michael and Patricia Johnson, author of The Essence of tantric Sexuality.

How to: Take a position on his stomach and have a husband or partner to push your sacrum section. Could also provide a light massage on the parts.

"The pressure will be soft and light stimulate the sensitive nerves of women and increase the heat around genitals," says Michael Gach, Ph.D., founder of the Acupressure Institute, as quoted Acupressure. Com.

2. Nipple breasts (in men)

How to: Try to play with your fingers gently around the nipples husband or partner. If your husband feels aroused, continue with a pinch or mild pinching with the fingers.

Believe me, your partner will be more excited about it.

3. The big toe (on women)

"Stimulate the big toe is shown to lead to orgasm in some women," said Johnson.

How to: Ask the couple to suck on your toe, a standard style of lovemaking. Could also ask the couple to pinch your toe side with his fingers while doing gentle massaging motion.

According to research, massaging motion on the big toe area can affect the female genital organs.

4. Soles of the feet (in men)

How to: Try to do gentle massage on acupressure points on the soles of your husband's feet. Located around the toes, especially the third finger (ring finger).

"Providing gentle pressure and hold it for a few seconds can increase the stimulation of the foot toward the male sex," Gach said.

Alternatively, gently rub your feet or your partner's husband in the palm of the hand or the face. Therefore, make sure before doing this ritual, you and your partner are in a clean state so that aliases bath rub your feet deserve.

5. Navel (in women)

"If you do not believe it, try playing your finger in the navel. The sensation will be felt through your genitals," said Johnson.

How to: Ask your husband or partner to play a tongue or finger to enter into the crook of your navel. Could also ask him to kiss your belly button until two or three inches below the navel.

"The stimuli will be about three acupressure points called ocean energy, which is associated with satisfaction and fertility of women," Gach said.

6. Nose (in men and women)

However, be careful, stimulating the nasal area can make you and your partner flu disease or disorder nose if one has a problem with the nose. Because of that, do this if you touch both truly interference-free sound aka the flu. "good luck"

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