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Health Benefits of Apple

Written by Hunnybunny on 18.30

The health benefits of apple include digestion, stomach disorders, anaemia, wekness, dental care, dysentry, heart disease, rheumatism, eye disorders, cancer, gout, and skin care. Apples can be eaten raw directly or through a variety of dishes such as fruit salads and custards. Apple juice is also a common drink throughout the world.

The health benefits of apple include the following:

Dental Care: Eating apples helps in cleaning teeth and gum. It reduces the incidence of cavities in teeth. When you eat apples, the fiber in it cleanses the teeth, while the antiviral properties of the fruit keep bacteria and virus away.
Heart Disease: Apple lowers the level of cholesterol and hence it is beneficial for the heart.
Rheumatism: Patients who are suffering from rheumatism find apples very useful as it aids in the healing process.
Eye Disorders: Apples are believed to make the eyes strong and improve eye-sight. It also helps in treating night blindness.
Skin Care: Pastes of apple and honey, and apple and milk when applied on the skin increase it shine and glow.
Apples also help in treating gout, and dysentry. Recent research has also revealed that apples have chemicals such as flavanoids and polyphenols which can help fight cancers. It is therefore, rightly, said - An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

When you buy apples make sure they are firm. Dont buy apples that have wrinkles as such apples have lost most of their health benefits and nutritional value.

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